GERMANY GERMANY have at least named themselves with SYMMETRY

keep your eyes on me

♫ Germany Germany – Symmetry feat. Jessica Morgan

And the worst band name award goes to what may be the most interesting new band. Germany Germany hail from the west coast of Canada, produce simple yet super-effective indie synth magic that sometimes features female vocals, have tw0 8 track EPS out (for free), and have been around since December. Yeah, like 4 months ago December. I was turned on to “Symmetry” by the same Poule d’Or Compilation that featured that great Museum Of Bellas Artes track. It’s somber guitars, glitchy production, and earnest vocals weave a sonic fabric that has been cradling my happy ears for a few weeks now. I finally did some digging and found that “Symmetry” comes from Distorted Disco, Germany Germany’s first free EP. It’s a solid collection of tunes at any price but their second EP, Electrolove, just came out and has upped the ante like whoa.

♫ Germany Germany – Lena

It was not easy to pick my favorite but “Lena” and it’s high danceability is a perfect example of the kind of musical chops we are dealing with here. I’m not sure if that’s Jessica Morgan again or even if there is one or two dudes in Germany Germany. These guys are pretty fresh on the scene. I would say that I expect big things but frankly, I’ve already got them.

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  1. d.h.
    d.h. says:

    Next EP “radio wave” to be released in approx. 1 month, on MP3 and cassette tape.
    Free, of course.

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