ELECTRIC TICKLE MACHINE goes in the PART OF ME made for enjoying music. And nipples.

ETM_blewitagainbuy a puppy, it’ll make you more personable

♫ Electric Tickle Machine – Part Of Me

Electric Tickle Machine may not be sporting the years’ best new-band name but they have nailed the album art brilliantly. It’s almost good that record stores are no longer relevant because nobody has money for double-take-induced-whiplash treatment these days. Angelic nipple-slips aside, ETM has got a great tune on their hands here. “Part Of Me” has a solid foot-stomping sing-a-long vibe that belies it’s refreshingly honest take on the love song. Repeat listens are encouraged. Their live shows have a reputation of confetti and nudity (surprise!) and their upcoming US tour may be bringing both to your town! For those offended by confetti, Blew It Again, is out next month.

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