LOVELIKEFIRE are showing SIGNS of rockability, snackability

LOVE-LIKE-FIREi lay my head on your shoulder because you know

♫ LoveLikeFire – Signs

“Signs” is one of those songs that I can rock out to every time it’s played. Weird though, I never go to it. I never crave it, if you know what I mean. Does that make it less of a song? Some songs pull us in so hard they can burn out fast, leaving a bad taste in the mouth like eating too many Doritos. It seems that LoveLikeFire have crafted the “pretzel” of rock songs, maybe not the first snack that pops into your head but always a solid choice, and will never bore a chemical hole in your tongue. Their debut LP, Tear Ourselves Away, came out in August but I haven’t heard it yet. Hmmm, I really do like pretzels…

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