[EP] DOLFISH has YOUR new anti-LOVE jam which IS about BUMMIN’ when ME see people making OUT

like a big fluorescent mushroom cloud you spread your lovin’ all around

♫ Dolfish – Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out

With Valentine’s Day creeping up around the corner, it’s time celebrate all things lovey-dovey. In the case of Columbus, OH, based Max Sollisch a.k.a. Dolfish, that is is to be extremely bummed out.  “Your Love Is Bummin’ Me” out is a simple lo-fi anti-love letter to all those sticky couples clinging to each others hips, hands, and faces. The song is also the title track of Dolfish’s latest EP, 5 tracks in 8 minutes of delightfully simple bedroom style recordings with distorted guitars and his signature vocals. It’s out on Valentines Day on Indiecater digitally as well as on cassette but you can stream the whole thing at their site now!

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