[EP] MITTEN are ALL kinds of good. THAT I’VE GOT their ep is a SIMILAR SENSE to eating great ice cream with your crush.

what if i was another me? hold on i’m on my way

Mitten – All That I’ve Got

The Brooklyn/Boston girl/girl duo of Mitten played their first show less than 5 months ago but have clearly not been slouching as they have more than that many solid gems on their debut EP, See You Bye. “All That I’ve Got” kicks off the set and immediately introduces us to their heart-on-sleeve brand of synthy groove-pop that has been infecting my ears these past few weeks. Bouncy, light, and highly danceable, it’s impossible not get into this twinkling star of a jam.

♫ Mitten – Similar Sense

The whole EP is impressive stuff, with “Cavalcade” and “742” slowing things down a bit for some beautifully delicate moments and “Similar Sense,” “Solitary Moves,” and “You’re The Runner” kicking the funk back in for more dizzying dance goodness. See You Bye is out now and a perfect addition to anyones “Bedroom Dance Party” playlist.

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