[EP] Duke Raoul – YOUNG STARLINGS (w. “Cloak & Dagger”)

wait for the morning to bring the sun, tonight we’ll be dreaming of rain

♫ Duke Raoul – Cloak & Dagger

Duke Raoul play the kind of slippery indie jams that can seem a bit caffeinated and rough around the edges but after a few listens they soak into your skin and you just wanna hit repeat. Their Young Starlings EP is four tracks of churning and catchy rock music that seem appropriate for both sweaty basements and summery days. I’m not sure how they pulled that off but it could have to do with their hometown of Brighton being both on the sea and having a zillion sweaty basement clubs. Figures. “Cloak & Dagger” is the EP’s opening track and lures you right in with those creeping guitar plucks and skipping percussion. The title track continues with a bit more energy before closing out with some super nice guitar noodling. “Break Up Your Routine” is another favorite of mine, it’s chorus being generally stuck in my head these days. Finally, “Made of Magic” wraps things up with some big hooks that I can only imagine are great live. Hopefully the next time I’m in Brighton I’ll be able to see that for myself. Stream the Young Starlings EP below and then pick it up at their Bandcamp.

Crank the amp at Bandcamp