[EP] FREEDOM OR DEATH slide INSIDE THIS blog’s speakers, filling and already CROWDED ROOM with beauty

but i don’t want to be told when it’s old and there’s nowhere to go

♫ Freedom or Death – Inside

Because when that summer sun goes down you still need something with some shadows to keep you company until the next dawn. Now I know that sounds like the tagline to a Twilight movie but it’s actually my pitch for Freedom or Death. Bear with me. Or rather, bear with “Inside,” a song that creeps and slinks with pattering percussion and a solid central beat. Throw those smooth vocals on top and you’ve got a bit of throwback synth mixed with that modern indie darkness vibe. Their 2nd EP EGO is full of these smoothly blended sounds that drift and hum their way into your head.

♫ Freedom or Death – This Crowded Room

Following “Inside” on EGO is “This Crowded Room,” a song that takes it’s time to build, slowing blossoming into a beautiful and catchy jam that tastes like a smoothie of Miike Snow, TV on The Radio, and The xx. This obviously firmly plants this Vancouver duo on my radar. EGO is out now. Act accordingly.

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