Equal – “Shakedown” (feat. Seja)

The weekend is here and its time to lay claim to what is yours! To get out into the world, with a horn fueled soundtrack in your ears, and dominate downtown with a strut and shake that will be felt across the river. Shakedown” is a silly song to write about because it demands its attention out doors; pouring from balcony windows and rusty ghetto-blasters. So while I break it down over here, you can dive into it’s inception story if you want… 

Shakedown was created at Heavy Roc Music recording studios when a group of friends from all over the globe got together for a night, Seja, Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) and Johnny Mackay (Fascinator). A round robin of instruments, singing + a bottle of whiskey later, and Shakedown was born. Shakedown is the product of good friends getting loose on a hot summers night. There was no end product in mind, only to have fun, hang out, and make music together.

Shakedown (feat. Seja)