[EVENT] Hyundai Re:Mix Labs Roundup: Anamanaguchi, Cut Chemist, & Jason Reitman

♫ Anamanaguchi – Airbrushed (RAC Remix)

Whew. What a busy week! Hyundai’s Re:Mix lab was a wild success and kept my evening full and free. The best way to be. Friday night was a ripping live set from Anamanaguchi and their 2 on-stage Nintendo consoles (above). After people reassembled their faces from the sonic assault it was a fine evening of admiring art in both the made and being-made forms.

Instragram helped with the capture of the guy on the left and these two painters were whipping up something sinister nearby (its a skull if you can make it out). Mixing and mingling among the many cool art pieces was nothing in comparison to the tricked out Velosters in the showroom.

Yes that is X-Box Bowling out of the back of one and a whole DJ rig popping out of the trunk of the one in the background. Practical? Not so sure. Awesome? Yes.

The night continued amid sweet DJ sets and a performance by three daners who had half the dudes there drooling into their free drinks. I was wrangled into some video interview on “what is fashion?” and dropped some knowledge on that guy. Ha.

Saturday’s main event for me was the Jason Bentley interview with director Jason Reitman (Juno, Thank You For Smoking) and turntablist Cut Chemist (Ozomatli, general awesomeness) which was funny, informative and inspiring. Some girl was so blown away she straight-leg passed out right back into me! I had cool-dude crossed arms so I couldn’t catch her unfortunately. She is alright though. Phew.So anyway, Cut Chemist and Jason Reitman then DJed together with Cut on instrumentals and Jason on a capellas. A sort of freestyle DJ experiment. Fun! I couldn’t stay for the rest of Saturday’s festivities but I more than feel I got more than my zero dollars worth out of the 4 days of events. Thanks Hyundai! Release another strangely named car soon!