FM BELFAST are sending good times PAR AVION

and we could go there

♫ FM Belfast – Par Avion

Iceland’s FM Belfast released their debut LP How To Make Friends over 16 months ago in their home country but the album is only now seeing a US release. I’ve yet to hear the whole album but ever since “Par Avion” landed in my inbox it’s been my first class ticket to rum soaked beach parties in my mind. It’s no surprise that these guys know the secret to transporting you from frozen reality to sunny imagination. On the flip side, their tame Icelandic upbringing made for an awkward result when they cover Rage Against The Machine’s angsty “Killing In The Name Of.” It doesn’t work for me but all is still well ’cause I’m lying down if front of my house in the Caribbean singing along to the best summer song of the year so far.

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