FRANCIS AND THE LIGHTS play jams FOR our DAYS as well as our nights

changed my mind in a second if you’d given me one second just to think

♫ Francis and The Lights – For Days

Francis and The Lights don’t get written about without people mentioning two things: their similarity to early Peter Gabriel and the fact that the band incorporated itself into a business instead of signing to a label (awesome). While both of those are intriguing in their own way I am here talk about the music, baby, and that is some real sultry bass-laced stuff that you are gonna want get with, pronto. Francis Farewell Starlite is the man helming this groove-ship lollipop and his smooth and soulful voice fits perfectly with his brand of throwback sex-pop. His new EP/LP is the 8-song It’ll Be Better which is streaming here and I can recommend it as the next interlude to some good (steamy) times. It’s out digitally now and will be out physically in July.

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