FUNERAL PARTY knows that NYC MOVES TO a different beat than THE SOUND OF LA

useless talking about that now, everybody still likes to fuck around

♫ Funeral Party – NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA

Those are bold words to throw out in a song title but LA natives, Funeral Party, are more then welcome to rep my hometown on this jam. From the cowbell, to the propulsive guitar shredding, these guys sure know how to get me moving! And the song is actually apparently about how both trend-setting cities are lame, so think on that for a bit. In fact, don’t. Just rock. The band’s Bootleg EP dropped a year and a half ago but has two more solid cowbell-infused dance-punk jams worth picking up . Even though they just opened for Julian Casablancas on his solo tour nobody stateside except B over at Audio Muffin seems to have them on their radar, and he wrote about this jam a year ago. Funeral Party are finally picking up some traction in the UK where this single is dropping soon and where they recently opened for The Drums. Let’s hope their live show has tightened up ’cause this would be some fun shit to get crazy too!

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  1. NRWalker
    NRWalker says:

    I used to read the Pop Tarts Suck Toasted blog, but when I finished my exams I was devestated to find it had disappeared. I don't care any more – this blog is far better. Thanks for having such a good taste in music and the generosity to share it with the internet.

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Thanks for the awesomely kind words! I never read PTST but I did hear about them being a victim of the Google/Blogger blog takedowns. Tough times. TBE will always be self hosted so you do't have to worry about that here!! Anyway, I'm glad you found TBE and I look forward to seeing your two cents on these jams in the comments! Stay awesome!

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