HANNAH GEORGAS makes CHIT CHAT go BANG BANG until YOU’RE dancing and suddenly DEAD tired

you’re talking shhh about me, i’m talking shhh about you

♫ Hannah Georgas – Chit Chat

Hannah Georgas makes a lot of first impressions. “Chit Chat” (above) opens her debut album, This Is Good, and gives an excellent example of the emotion, range, and spunky energy to follow. Similarly, album standout “Bang Bang You’re Dead” (below) takes no time to make a statement as the track opens with the too-cute voice of a kid shouting the track’s title. Hannah Georgas in another artist I discovered thanks to the Music Alliance Pact over at IGIF and boy am I glad I sifted through all those international tracks to find her jam!

♫ Hannah Georgas – Bang Bang You’re Dead

“Bang Bang You’re Dead” was the track that turned me on to her and if you are listening to it you can completely understand why. That hip-swinging rhythm, the kids’ vocals, the winking G-rated chorus, and that punchy repetition of the title make for a song that’s easy to get stuck in your head. After buying the album on eMusic I was stoked to find that the rest of the tracks match both the album’s title and it’s great artwork. Hannah is no one trick singer-songwriter pony and her music drifts from gently introspective to toe tappingly infectious. Sometimes even in the same song (i.e. “Your Ghost”). “Dancefloor” is another album standout with it’s tight weaving of jumpy guitars and popping percussion that has Hannah pleading her man to get his ass on the dance floor and “get down.” If you can get down with these jams then I definitely recommend you join Hannah and her man on the dance floor and get down with this whole album. It may not be dance music, per-se, but Hannah fills her songs with enough charisma and energy that you can’t help but groove along.

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