S. CAREY is IN tune with THE summer desire to lay in the DIRT with a lover

don’t despair, don’t you dare

♫ S. Carey – In The Dirt

That beautiful album photo on the right is the cover to Sean Carey’s debut LP, All We Grow, which will be out in September. You have never heard of S. Carey before but you have definitely heard him. A long time buddy of Justin Vernon (and also hailing from Eau Claire, Wisconsin) he has been Bon Iver’s drummer ever since there was a full band to drum in. Carey is now setting out on his own for and the results are so far marvelous. I would be lying if I tried to pretend that it wasn’t similar to Bon Iver’s music. The layered floaty vocals, the drifting piano work, the general mood of longing and loss, all these things smack of his day job, however I am just fine with that. Let’s just call it “The Eau Claire Sound” and get on with basking in it’s beauty.

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  1. molli
    molli says:

    this is rrrrrrrreeeeeeal nicey. first listen felt really pretty, sweet, right, soothing, but new.

    second listen, some sorrow snuck up on me. like, i could've cried.

    and now i'm scared to hear it again. i'll wait for dark, i think. songs are always more clear in the dark.

    thanks for sharing.

    – molli from the last.fm.

    (ps i've been wanting to put together a mix for you, but i've got this nervousness that i can't give you anything you haven't already heard. i think i can though. we'll see.)

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I can totally feel you on both those emotional rides. Don't stop listening, though! It's too good of a song!

    Oh, don't hold back with a mix. There is plenty I haven't heard! You should really be more worried about whether I will like it ;)

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