Remix Roundup Vol. 36 – 1.14.2011 [STAR SLINGER, ALI LOVE, GRUM, ARCADE FIRE, and more… ]

Welcome back to TBE our fellow Nurds’.

Its been two weeks, but like always, Joel & Scott are back to present Remix Roundup Vol. 36.

Listen party peeps, in 10 we were supposedly “ready for a good night“, but let us tell you something little bit different for 11.  In 11, we are going to create that good night.   Why? Cuz this one goes to 11 and its  time for some funky, dazzling, crunk, promiscuous, weird shite to go down.  And, if that aint enough to motivate you.  The apocalypse is approaching scary fast these days…

In 11, we forget the fly whips and go with fly chicks, and if your down… you might come to TBE to check out some wicked ass hits.


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♫ Star Slinger- Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework) / Relax and take it easy like Sunday morning with this Cocteau Twins remix.  You know you feel it.

♫ Zero 7 – Medicine Man (Baby Monster Remix) / Here we have LA based Baby Monster giving Zero 7’s Medicine Man the treatment and hot damn we love this sweet sound.  We met the chaps in Baby Monster a few months back while they were out on tour with the Klaxons; excellent live set and excellent dudes.  We suggest you seek out their work, if you haven’t already!

♫ HARD-FI – Hard To Beat (DIGIRAATII REMIX) / Cleveland’s DIGIRAATII just love throwing down those heavy ass synths.  And ya, we’re pretty happy about that.  So, buckle up and sweat.

♫ Ali Love- Moscow Girl (Mustang Remix) / Mustang, the collaborative duo of DJ Renaud Deru and Andy Faisca, really love Italo, Disco, Early House and Classic Pop.  We like the sound of that, and the sound of their work on Ali Love’s Moscow Girl.  Get funky!  By the way, our friend Red Dawg tells us his newest crush is on Ali Love, at least we know one man is dancing to this!

♫ Jimmy Edgar- Turn You Inside Out (Minitel Rose remix) / Minitel Rose was all up in our 2010 grills.  We thinks this trend will continue.

♫ Grum- Through The Night (Perseus Club Mix) / Perseus, a tri-national discojock team hailing from Belgium, Indonesia, and the U.S. gave birth to this beautiful jam.  What does that mean?  Doesn’t matter, cuz the jam is stellar.  Oh by the way… if you don’t know by now, Grum is the Shite.

♫ Metric – Gold Guns Girls (Glasnost Remix) / Metric getting their usual remix treatment right?  Not so fast my friends.  Glasnost give us all something funking funky that could make anybody proud to be from Texas.

♫ Treasure Fingers- Keep Up (Jackson Remix) / “Jackson & His Computer Band is the musical alias of Jackson Fourgeaud, the acclaimed French producer and DJ.  A Parisian to the core, Jackson currently resides in Berlin where he is working on his second album and preparing an eye-opening live show.” Needless to say, we are pretty funking excited for this to come to light, for now enjoy his work on Treasure Finger’s dance floor mover, Keep Up.

♫ Creep- Days (Azari & III Remix) / The XX’s Romy Madley-Croft provides the vocals to Creep’s track Days and Azari & Ill, hailing from Toronto, change things up a bit providing a new seductively moving beat. Would you like to dance?

♫ Arcade Fire- Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (Tommie Sunshine Quaalude Edit) / The Brooklyn based master producer, Tommie Sunshine, has subtly enhanced one of our favorite songs from 2010 (yes, we know this didn’t just hit our inbox), ensuring this tune can now hit any worthy dance floor.  Hot damn Tommie Sunshine gets that ass moving!


♫ ElectroSound- What You Know In My Place (Two Door Cinema Club vs Coldplay)

♫ The Hood Internet- Lump Sum Of Paris (Bon Iver vs Friendly Fires & Aeroplane)

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Remix Roundup Vol. 36

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