[LP] COMMON GRACKLE, i’d like to THANK you for this GOD damn good jam that will be getting IT’S self played through to MONDAY

i’m just a little minnow, all these people are sharks

♫ Common Grackle – Thank God It’s Monday ft. Kool Keith

While I can’t commiserate with this jam’s weekend hating, I can definitely use it’s funk to fuel my own weekend good time plans. Whatever your view on the perils of Friday nights the laid back rhymes and groovy beats of “Thank God It’s Monday” are sure make your end of the week a bit better.

Canada’s Common Grackle is made up of “Guelph indie pop songwriter Gregory Pepper and Saskatoon psych hip hop producer Factor” who got together with a handful of guests on their debut 2010 LP, The Great Depression. The album is consistently tongue-in-cheek as it plays with goofy topics but unfortunately uneven as some tracks fall a bit flat. “Thank God,” “All The Pawns” and the title track are highlights, with a few others landing solidly. I think an EP would have been a better call but either way, thank god it’s Friday, and thank god I have this jam (and that awesome album art!) to start the weekend off right.

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