Mashups…. WHAT!

What up my TBE people?

Alright peeps, I hope you bring your party headphones to work, because Im trying a new feature out.  What kind of feature you may ask?  We’re talking mashups.  So, enjoy, but don’t get caught having too good of a time.  After all, you’re supposed to be working.

Party on, Garth!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

♫ D.Veloped – Bring Em Home (Edward Sharpe vs. T.I.)

♫ Daft Punk – Fall (M83 Vs Big Black Delta Remix)

♫ Brenton Duvall – Time For What You Want (Biggie & Semisonic)

♫ Voodoo Farm – Outkast ft. Lady Gaga – Wheelz of Steel (Voodoo Farm Remix) / This track isn’t your typical mashup.  Here is what Voodoo Farm had to say about it, “I don’t really mind people calling this a mash-up, but just so you know the only samples used in this song are the vocals. every note is played with our tiny little fingers and every sound texture was created by us… there are a ton of live instruments on this track including synths, percussion, vocals, and guitars”.

♫ Move For First Aid – Kaskade & Deadmau5 VS. Michael Woods (Kaskade Mash Up)

♫ TGIK – Michael Jackson vs. The Who

♫ Dr. Dre vs JJ – Still DRE (Hype Jones Love Pussy Kush Mix)

♫ Mover Shaker – Youngin On His Wife (Wiz Khalifa x Alex Winston x Star Slinger)


15 replies
  1. guy@australia
    guy@australia says:

    don’t cha know mashups are so like 2003 haha jks but I am happy coz it seems like they never left!!
    really diggin the voodoo farm “mash-up”….seriously where do u guys find this stuff!?!?

  2. Joel @ TBE
    Joel @ TBE says:

    What up Guy Aussie? Glad you like. I’d say we have a combo of music submissions and research. The bigger TBE gets the more submissions. We’re at the point now where it is pretty much impossible to keep up with the amount of submissions, so we kind of have to pick and choose what to read. Voodoo Farm for instance, are becoming a must read in my inbox.

  3. guy@australia
    guy@australia says:

    ahhhh nice! that’s when u know ur onto a good thing…prob when u started this site up you were searching far and wide for music and now coz uve established urselves you have a different way of running things! keep up the stellar work BUT don’t get too big aiiiiiight! btw being nosy but is this a side project or full time thing for u guys??

  4. Joel @ TBE
    Joel @ TBE says:

    Thanks bruvva. When I joined Brandon he already had a good thing going. At this point I’d just like to think that I’ve contributed to making this site even better. And no, we all have full time jobs outside TBE. Keep it trill my dude.

  5. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Word! Right now I’ve got a full time and two part times besides TBE but this will always be my baby. Burning Ear will always be kept real for you Guy.

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