[MP3] PREHISTORICOS light and beautiful yet still solid COMO LAS PIEDRAS


♫ Prehistöricos – Como las Piedras

If you are in need of a little tenderness after the intensity of Does It Offend You Yeah? then this is just the medicine. Brew some tea, light the votives, and settle in for a little cuddle session with your speakers as the various strings of “Como la Pierdas” pluck and strum their way through your ears and into your heart. Too sappy for you? Then you clearly aren’t listening. This is beautiful. The kind of song that, if only it were in English, would surely soundtrack the heartstring-pulling season finale to a prime time drama.

Prehistöricos is the recently formed musical project of Chilean actors Tomäs Preuss and Jessica Romo who came together last summer to create an album about teenage love. I don’t speak a lick of Spanich but this somehow makes complete sense as the music has a purity and emotional intensity that fits perfectly with adolescent passion. The album, La Orquesta Ocúlta, (“The Hidden Orchestra”) is out now and despite being placed on numerous Chilean best-of lists last year, is available completely free here. I wish I spoke Spanish. [Thanks to the Music Alliance Project and Chile’s own Super 45 for the tip]

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