[LP] DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH hope that WE ARE THE ones not DEAD so they can PULL OUT sweet jams that rock MY INSIDES

and a heart raised by fools burns everyone

♫ Does It Offend You, Yeah – We Are the Dead

Does It Offend You, Yeah?’s first album made quite an impact on me at the time. It found itself in frequent rotation as I assaulted my skull with it’s various spastic rhythms, oddly harmonic moments, and periodic instrumentals. So, much like The Rural Albert Advantage’s sophomore album, a DIOYY follow-up was going to find a tough critic in me. Thankfully, I feel that Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You is a solid follow up to the group’s debut and sees them expanding their sound while still keeping their stamp all over everything. The disc is predictably erratic, jumping from melodic to mayhem and back. Opening track “We Are The Dead” is a good introduction to the ride ahead. A tender pair of guitar and vocals eventually gives way to slamming and grinding synths. It’s as if DIOYY are making it clear up front that they are widening spectrum. First single “The Monkeys Are Coming” continues with the slamming and grinding, joining tracks like “Yeah,” “John Hurt” and “Wondering” as the albums more aggressive jams.

♫ Does It Offend You, Yeah – Pull Out my Insides

On the flip side are the softer poppier tracks like “The Knife,” “Wrong Time Wrong Planet” and the happy-music/sad-lyrics juxtaposition of the great “Pull Out My Insides.” The track bounces and bobs under the sweet vocals that only upon closer inspection contain lyrics of heartbreak. DIOYY just love to mix it up. A track that has been growing on me immensely lately is the slow churning, deep bass riding “Wrong Time Wrong Planet” which has a hint of Gorillaz in it’s melancholy funk. If only the actual Gorillaz made music this enjoyable.

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