Plugs are my new Imaginary Friend


even though i’m supposed to grieve

there’s plenty more fish in the sea

Plugs – Imaginary Friend

Alright, so I know I usually only post a band’s latest jams here but I just couldn’t wait. I first stumbled across Plugs when I heard their remix of their new single “All Them Witches.” The original is fantastic and as we wait for an mp3 to surface we can enjoy Plug’s collection of EPs (from which I pulled “Imaginary Friend”). Frontman Morgan Quaintance recently left his other band (TBE faves of ’08, Does It Offend You, Yeah?) to focus on Plugs. As much as I love DIOYY and their spastic genre hopping, I feel Morgan on this one because Plugs feel like they have a depth and staying power that gets me psyched for a full LP. Until that happens hit up eMusic for their EPs, especially my other favorite track “That Number.”

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