[LP] S. CAREY has an album even our MOTHERS could love

my soul, my soul cries for them in the morning, cause i’m guilty just the same

♫ S. Carey – Mothers

For those of you who prefer a calmer transition into your workweek I can recommend S Carey’s debut LP All We Grow. You should all have been getting misty eyed to the Bon Iver drummer’s “In The Dirt” for a while and now I can definitely endorse the rest of this delicately tense piano fueled collection. Nothing is as immediately gripping as “In The Dirt” but they still hold their own. “Mothers” is my favorite of the bunch with Carey’s intimate vocals and delicate guitar plucking. Writing too much on this album is pointless. Just close your eyes and drift away. You’ll end up somewhere interesting, I promise.

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  1. Kim Chackal
    Kim Chackal says:

    Thanks Brandon. This CD is surely being added to the ‘Trevor’s 30th Birthday’ present list.

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