[EP] Panama – GOOD WINTER (A Bon Iver Remix Album) (w/ “Blossom”)

your love will be safe with me

♫ PANAMA – Blossom

  • Who: Dunno but they referred to themselves a “we.”
  • What: Bliss pop, like Bon Iver, Arrange, Rhye
  • Where: “Panama, Versailles, United States” + Soundcloud / Bandcamp
  • When: Their Bon Iver remix album is out now for free.
  • Why: There are some things that you dont mess with and even though I was kinda underwhelmed by Bon Iver’s last album I would still put him in that category. So a remix EP of Bon Iver songs just sounded like a painful gimmick to me. Then I listened. Specifically, I listened to “Blossom” (a rework of “Re:Stacks”). And then I listened a bunch more. Damn beautiful stuff. The original mixed with just a hint of glitch and groove. Justin Vernon should be stoked. The remixing is delicate, not overwhelming the original material, just shining a different light on it. Surrounding it by different furniture. Changing it’s context. Very nice.
And for you haters out there who won’t like your Bon Iver altered in any way, here is a bonus track from Bon Iver.
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