[EP] ART IMPERIAL is MY ep of the summer and it should be CRYSTAL clear why

oh life with you there are no obstacles, just sunny days spent licking popsicles

♫ Art Imperial – My Crystal

Art Imperial is the name of a man understads the pain of a long winter. Living in Toronto he spent the last winter dreaming of sunnier climates and in an attempt to capture some of that sun-kissed glory he crafted the excellent Surf Suburban EP. It’s as if Best Coast and Wavves stopped toking long enough to actually get on a surfboard and then rode that board into the 60s. But instead of a surfboard it was a guitar. Anyway, “My Crystal” gives you a good idea of the fast and loose California vibes that are ripping through Art Imperial’s music, all of it available for a pay-what-you-want deal at his Bandcamp. Considering his mere 295 listens on Last.fm I’m officially endorsing this EP as the sound of summer. This also may be the perfect post to start brainstorming for a TBE Summer mix. I know this jam will be on it. Or maybe “I Feel Dumb.” Or “Bugs Out My Mind.” Damn. I’ll have to think on it.

Crank the amp at Bandcamp /// Amazon

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