[LP] MOTOPONY have a GOD DAMN good debut with songs even your GIRL will like

you show me why love is critical, you show me my love is pitiful

I posted the original version of “King of Diamonds” back in February and haven’t been able to get Motopony out of my headphones since then. The absolutely stunning “Wait For Me” followed soon after and then the full album landed in my inbox. Go ahead and grab the acoustic version of “Diamonds” above (and watch the great Vegas video) but know the original is still available for free. Once you have caught your breath it’s time to dive into the Seattle band’s full length which is out now and streaming in full below. “God Damn Girl” is my current jam of choice and puts a 3rd track of theirs in Top Songs of 2011 contention. Motopony work with such basic ingredients (guitar, drums, bass, piano) but somehow manage to craft things that are far more delicate and indelible than they should be. It doesn’t hurt that frontman Daniel Blue’s voice is like cashmere butter. The self titled album changes things up now and then, getting a bit rowdy on “Seer” and even going all twangy on the foot stomping “I Am My Body.” The back stretch of the album can feel a bit sleepy but once you hear it in the right mood the music will click and it will all seep right into your subconscious. But enough of me, listen! 


Motopony by tinyogre

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