[MP3] MOTOPONY may be the KING OF all those songs with DIAMONDS in the title

spades and clubs they just ain’t shining, and my heart knows nothing’s free

♫ Motopony – King of Diamonds

So how many awesome things are going on here? The name says rock n roll tempered with tenderness. The logo is t-shirt ready. The album art is prime for it’s own adventure comic. And the music, oh, the music, is just perfect. Shuffling percussion, sparse piano, delicately churning guitar, and just a splash of xylophone roll through my speakers as I sink into my chair and soak in frontman Daniel Blue’s uniquely gripping vocals. Seattle’s Motopony have only just broke on the scene with this one track but have already been given love from KCRW and were named “Tacoma’s Best New Band by KEXP. I look forward to more jams. And that comic spin-off.

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