[MP3] The Zolas – “Knot in My Heart” & “Observatory”

its hard and weird not to know how your day begins when  lying next to someone new

♫ The Zolas – Knot in My Heart

  • Who: Zachary Gray, Tom Dobrzanski (Polish!)
  • What: Indie groove rock, like Generationals, Twin Shadow, The Griswolds
  • Where: Vancouver, BC + Facebook
  • When: Buy LP Ancient Mars now.
  • Why: DO NOT confuse these guys with The Zutons! That would be unfortunate. I would know. After writing them off for too long because of their name I am now fully on their bandwagon and putting in work to make up for my mistakes. Kids, make better choices. The Zolas make simple sounds sound like super sound with their groovy indie stylings that stick in your head like a crossbow bolt (yeah, finally saw Hunger Games…). I want to tell you about how these songs are different but share a common quality but I’m too busy going to buy their album so sorrrry!

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