[REMIX] Years & Years – “I Wish I Knew” (James Fox remix)

i long to give yourself in nightly

7 minutes may seem like a long time but if you understand the monumental beauty of the original (& haven’t been cut from the friend team) then you will you find the pleasure of this jazz/deep house rework. Boom-tiss, boom-tiss, boom-tiss never sounded so good! Oh wait, then it breaks and it sounds even better! Suddenly 7 minutes isn’t a chore, its a ride! An experience! A reason to close your eyes, move your body, and feel something inside yourself. How do you spell “ooh oo oooh ooooh ooh oh ohhh“?

Besides being Jesse Pinkman approved, Years and Years have a B-side to “I Wish I Knew” called “The Whale.” It is much more melancholy, still gorgeous, and is streaming here.