[MP3/VIDEO] Yukon Blonde – “Stairway”

i’m wishin’, i’m wishin’ that i could be home right now

♫ Yukon Blonde – Stairway

  • Who: The awesomely named Brandon Scott plus jokers Graham, Jeffrey & John.
  • What: Big rowdy indie rock, like Tokyo Police Club, Sleeper Agent, Devin
  • Where: Vancouver, BC + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: 2nd LP Tiger Talk is out March 20th
  • Why: Whenever I stopped rocking out enough to sit down I made my way to the video for “Stairway” and found a slanted story of nostalgia and hallucination. A perfect example of the kind of low-budget fun that is keeping music videos alive. Plus the music rocks socks like woah. I’m definitely looking forward to Tiger Talk.