[LP] Art Imperial – CULT OF LOVE (w/ “Cult Of Love”)

i worshipped you like a born again christian but god is dead and i failed to listen

♫ Art Imperial – Cult of Love

  • Who: Arthur Imperial
  • What: Garage surf pop, like The Fantasies, Here We Go Magic, Generationals.
  • Where: Toronto + Facebook
  • When: Name your price for the Cult Of Love LP now.
  • Why: A year ago the very handsome Art Imperial solidified himself as the gold standard in Canadian garage surf made by Asian dudes. No joke, that EP was one of the best of 2011. And since nobody cam along to challenge his throne he got complacent. What happens when you get complacent? You fall for a girl. What happens when you fall for a girl? You get your shit stomped on. So that happened. But from the ashes of Art’s broken heart we have Cult Of Love. Part therapy, part cautionary tale, part seductively fuzzy surf melodies to kick off the summer to. Crank it up and enjoy. Just don’t get complacent…