JAPANDROIDS are YOUNG, follow their HEARTS, and SPARK up jams of FIRE!

i don’t wanna worry about dying, i just wanna worry about sunshine girls

♫ Japandroids – Young Hearts Spark Fire

Japandroids first landed in my iTunes almost exactly a year ago, about the same time the rest of the world was loving their raw two-man rock. Somehow their rough and loose jams didn’t grab me then but after a year of periodically coming back to these singles, and eventually picking up the rest of their debut LP, Post-Nothing, I’m sold on their style. Not all 8 tracks are as thrash worthy as these two but their energy and passion is undeniable. Their take on the life of a late twenty-something (me) is also spot on as they tear through verses about getting older and losing touch with the bliss of youth. However, at the same time they are clearly two guys who make their own fun in life. I recommend you let them make a little fun in yours. A collection of B-sides and early material, No Singles, came out this year and while I haven’t dowse into that yet, I’ve heard a few jams that keep up with their speaker-busting tradition.

♫ Japandroids – Heart Sweats

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