CUT COPY is WHERE I’M going to be dreaming i’m at as i’m GOING elsewhere tomorrow

all you need is a dream and a lover, take my hand cause i know what you’re going through

♫ Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

If you kw me then you know how frustrating it is that bands never come to Poland on tour. All the way to Berlin and then they just stop 5 hours from tons of ready and willing fans! Perhaps the only thing worse than that is when a band finally does come to town and I wont be here for it! Cut Copy will be in Warsaw on Sunday with awesome supporting act French Horn Rebellion and if all that wasn’t painful enough, they’ve dropped a taste of their forthcoming album on us. “Where I’m Going” is is a blissed out electric anthem built for “ooh”-ing and “yeah”-ing along to. It’s the sunset reflected on the water and a cold beer in your hand. It’s eyes-closed swirling through a mid-day buzz. But most importantly, it’s a welcome return from these Aussies.

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