BITERS make me want to HANG on the corner and skate AROUND town

we’re gonna waste this town, burn it to the ground

♫ Biters – Hang Around

Calling someone “a biter” can have two distinct meanings but taking a good look at this Atlanta foursome and I get the feeling that they took both into account when picking their rather appropriate band name. The music – like good sex – is loose, dirty, fun, and reeking of it’s predecessors. “Hang Around” wears it’s retro rock on it’s sleeve and couldn’t be bothered caring whether you like it or not because it’s having too much fun. Ditto for me. Biters 5-track self-titled EP is out now and quite solid. 14 minutes of sneering lyrics, sharp guitars and bouncing drums to keep your naughty side nurtured. Biters may not save rock and roll but they’ll certainly give us some good times on the way down.

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