Yo, so we just made a cross country road trip back down here to the ATX.  Looks like we are going to be Austinites (?) for the foreseeable future…  SXSW, be funking ready.   On the way down, among other super awesome subjects covered and generally getting Nurdy as hell, we decided that due to a massive backlog of jamz we’re putting together a Remix Roundup of EPIC proportions (f*ck that was wordy).  Not just in numbers folks, we’re talking about game-changing, blasting in your ears drums music here.  Frankly, if you aren’t happy with this dazzling little fun-basket of tunes, then you might have to check your vitals…

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♫ Goose- Can’t Stop Me Now (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) / More power from the Bloodies right here! This track is pure domination with some seriously big sound.

♫ Jump Jump Dance Dance – Modern Eyes (Vindata Remix) / Our boys Vindata further prove they just might be here to stay.

♫ Smokey Robotic- Outside the Lines (Uptown) (Data Romance Remix) / Canadia has blessed TBE lately and this time its Vancouver with the credit of producing Ajay and Amy (Data Romance).  This my friends is 3:46 minutes of blissful dancey heaven.  Word up BC.

♫ The Glass- Four Four Letter (Black Van Remix) / Poppy (seed muffin) goodness rights here everybody!  Play it for your friends, play it for your neighbor, and play it for your mother!  Everyone needs to dance.

♫ Fever Ray- Seven (The Twelves Remix) / Shit, Bootsy Collins is straight up feeling this track just like us.  Get funky as funk with us all and turn this mother up, way up! Don’t stop shaking those hips!

♫ Michael Jackson – Remember the Time (Kill Them With Colour Remix) / The King of Pop is back and Kill Them With Colour” revived the hell out of him.  This just might burn a hole in your computer.

♫ Pendulum- Witchcraft (Chuckie Remix) / Get clubby with Chuckie and his synth filled rendition of Pendulum’s Witchcraft.  This one is smooth and sure to pleasure the eardrums!

♫ Cassette Culture- We Once Had An Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix) / Ugh!  Jungle Fiction gets electro nasty inside of this Cassette Culture cutty! This jam is stacked with it all; smooth build, fat drop and constantly delicious bass line!

♫ The Good Natured- Be My Animal (Zebra & Snake remix) / Zebra & Snake let the vocals shine but don’t let that sell this wonderful remix short.  It is well constructed and far different from the original, which is what remixing is all about, right?

♫ Midnight Juggernauts – 45 And Rising (Cut Copy Remix) / Cut Copy are coming out with a new record.  We focus on remixes here and we pretty much love everything those Aussies do, so this will do!

♫ Surfer Blood– Floating Vibes (Twin Shadow Remix) / Twin Shadow dropped a fun loving little diddy here with their work on Surfer Blood’s Floating Vibes. An easy listener that can suit any mood!

♫ Nelly Furtado- The Night Is Young (Edwin Van Cleef Remix) / Edwin puts us back in our Testarossa, hauling ass out on the open road with this sultry remix of The Night Is Young.  There is no time to waste when the night is young!

♫ La Roux- Bulletproof (Nacey Remix) / !Nacey puts a twist on Bulletproof we have yet to hear, creating a real beauty! This track is so soft, so calm, and so fucking full of amazing’ness!

♫ Yoav- Club Thing (RAC Mix) / If your craving a little something different in your diet, then this tune just might be your jam.  And really, do we need to say anything more than RAC.

♫ Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (DJ Kue Remix) / We’ve always been a fan of the original jam, so when we received this one in our inbox we we’re definitely intrigued.  Kue doesn’t disappoint either, showing off his diversified sounds and talents.

♫ Kesha – Take It Off (DJ Kue Remix) / We have been sitting on this one forever it seems.  This time Kue delivers an electro banger.

♫ Mystery Jets – Dreaming Of Another World (Wooden Shjips Remix) / Wooden Shjips add a little of their psychedelic flavor to this track with additional guitar riffs and an amazing psychedelic solo.  The last couple minutes figuratively “beg” for that out-of-body dance experience that just takes over your body.

♫ White Sea – Ladykiller (Gigamesh Remix) / Ohh Gigamesh, you not only changed our lives with DISCOTECH, but your work on Mike Ponser’s “Cooler Than Me” has helped change American pop.  Unfortunately, only a few know the real brains behind that song.  Here you deliver a funktified synth wonder.  Thank you again.

♫ Bee Gees- Stayin’ Alive (Teddybears Remix) / OHHH YEAHH, the Teddybears are back and with massive vengeance.  You could funk-out any party with this superstar of a tune.  Major ups.

♫ Deadbots- Much Better (SymbolOne Remix) / Another jam that isn’t baby infant new, but we dare you not to boogie to what SymbolOne have created with this mix.

♫ Twin Tigers – Everyday (Bear In Heaven Remix) / If we we’re to create a soundtrack to gazing at wide open night sky’s, then this track would be on it.  Heavenly props to Bear In Heaven (Brooklyn, NY).

♫ Natasha Bedingfield- Touch (The Dirty Tees Remix) / This mix isnt typically our cup of tea, but The Dirty Tees show off excellent production skills after spending personal time with Natasha Bedingfield in her Hollywood home.  You can watch their beautifully produced video “The First of Many Steps” below to learn more.

Mashup Jam:

♫ Party Ben- Beat Sauce [Duck Sauce vs. Michael Jackson]


Mediafire Zip: Remix Roundup Vol. 39 & Remix Roundup Vol. 39.1

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  1. Joy Jama
    Joy Jama says:

    Ok… um… AWESOME photo. My band’s name is Dolphin Rape – we don’t have any shows lined up just yet – and.. so far I’m the only member but – I think the band name is definitely a winner. <3 Obviously I appreciate the photo. (and now – to download, thanks again for doing what you do – <3 <3 <3 LOOOOOVE!)

  2. Guy R
    Guy R says:

    needed to show some love and this remix roundup tipped the scales!! I have so much catch up to do….need an assistant to sort through this awesomeness! You guys seriously make working full time not so bad!

  3. Joel @ TBE
    Joel @ TBE says:

    Thanks Guy R. Glad to hear we’re making peoples work week better. Though after hearing these tunes you might wish it was the weekend again.

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