[EP] RAC – NINTENDO VS SEGA II (w/ Sonic’s “Chemical Plant Zone”)

♫ Sonic 2 – Chemical Plant Zone (RAC Mix)

For those of you who may be new to RAC and wondering how the dude swept 5 of the 25 spots on the Best Remixes list let me take this opportunity to go over my hands down favorite remixer in the game. RAC is Andre Anjos, but only in the sense of his remix moniker. RAC is actually the Remix Artist Collective (wikipedia for full bio) and contains a couple other guys that make some sweet remixes (like RAC Maury!). The collective’s first blog break was with their brilliantly done Nintendo VS Sega EP a couple years back and they recently followed it up with even more classic video game tracks that have been re-spun for our listening pleasure. They describe the project by saying: “There is incredible value in what these composers did with the limited hardware and this is our way of showing appreciation.” Amen to that. Get a taste of the new EP with the instant-flashback Sonic track and then dive in for songs from Mario Kart, Duck Huntin’, Contra, Double Dragon, and more. My thumbs hurt just listening to these jams!

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