[MP3] Dragonette – “Rocket Ship”

never been in magazines, ain’t seen me on the tv, but you pin me like a poster to the wall

♫ Dragonette – Rocket Ship

  • Who: Martina, Dan, Joel
  • What: Big, bouncy, dance pop, like XX
  • Where: Toronto, Canada + Facebook
  • When: New album Bodyparts is out Sept 24/25.
  • Why: It’s new Dragonette! And if you know them then you know what that means! It’s no “Pick Up The Phone” but that awesome track from their 2009 album Fixin To Thrill is tough to beat. “Rocket Ship” is a big synth jam with barely veiled sexual references that certainly doesn’t change up Dragonette’s game but then again, it was never broke.