FREE ENERGY, oh FREE ENERGY, you are a DREAM to me in this gloomy CITY


i wanna believe but i’m out of control

♫ Free Energy – Free Energy

When Free Energy’s “Dream City” (below) hit the scene back in May I was intrigued but not sold. “Something In Common” followed in September and quickly became a steering-wheel-drumming favorite, but somehow I felt I had missed the boat on writing about the Philadelphia quintet. Then I saw and heard their video for “Free Energy” (above) and was sold/on board/in/stoked. The three tracks together are an aural ménage à trois that gets me super pumped for their 2010 LP slated through James Murphy’s DFA (he produced “Dream City”). The horns, the lyrics, the energy, the cowbell; it’s impossible to not get happy. Sam over at Balloon Of The Mind likens them to Girls, but I’m feeling way more fun and good times coming from these guys, and with none of the mopey grumblings.

♫  Free Energy – Dream City

Of the five members, Scott Wells and Paul Sprangers used to be in the band Hockey Night. A search through my iTunes dug up a few overlooked jams and since then I have been listening to “Rebel Fever” on repeat. There are so many great things happening here. The dual guitars just rip it up over the bouncy vocals and propulsive rhythm section. Throw this whole post on your next driving mix-tape and you wont regret it.

BONUS:  ♫ Hockey Night – Rebel Fever (Who We Are)

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