Remix Roundup Vol. 31 Part I – 11.12.2010 [Minitel Rose, Dragonette, Lykke Li, Felix Cartal, and more ]

Part I

“just hit the eastside of the the burning ear, on a mission trying to find joel & scottyp, seen a car full of girls ain’t no need to tweak all you skirts know what’s up on T.B.E.”

What’s cracking party people?  We, Joel & Scott are back to fill your eardrums with that funk.  Today, we proudly present Remix Roundup Volume 31.   This time, because we’re in such a good mood we’re coming at you with two parts.  Diversity in sound is the name of the game this time around so enjoy this fruit cocktail of rad jams!

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♫ Gemini Club – Ghost (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) / If you have been following our roundups at all, you know we fancy ourselves some Midnight Conspiracy.  We can only imagine what kind of carnage would be left behind after one of their DJ sets.

♫ Housse De Racket – Oh Yeah! (Walter Sobcek Remix) / We feel like we should be in a spaceship to a far away land getting lost in this jam.  Walter Sobcek and the French know their way around electronic music.

♫ Minitel Rose – Wild Birds (Clancy and Build Remix) / London DJ’s Clancy and Build collab to form a bond of 80’s inspired, synth-layden, indie-dance tunes for our listening pleasure.  Thank baby Jesus they did too, because this is one of the best remixes of the year.

♫ Labrinth – Let The Sun Shine (Code Name No Name Remix) / The original love song is ok, but CNNN made this is into a Dance hall killer.  Put your Nurdy’ face on!

♫ Free Energy – Bang Pop (Fool’s Gold Remix) / Fool’s Gold like doing things at their own pace and we love it.

♫ Human Life – Wherever We Are (Grum Remix) / We completely love this new track from LA’s Human Life, as an original, but here comes GRUM! Need we say more?

♫ Dragonette- Easy (Fabian Remix) / Fabian does an excellent job here enhancing this song and turning it into an electro-pop jewel.  Here is a interesting fact we learned today.  Martina Sorbara, Dragonette’s lead singer loves to knit.  “I’ve knitted dolls, a lion, a sheep, a poodle…and they all have names. And another thing I did was a full double sided queen size blanket; took me two years.”

♫ Mat Riviere – Curse These Eyes (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND Remix) / This one takes a jiffy to get going, but dont be fooled, DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND are intoxicating.

♫ We Are Standard – Don’t Let The Children Play Around (Anoraak Remix) / “DON”T LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAY AROUND” This tune gets flipped on its head by France’s Anoraak! Obviously, we suggest you turn it up and get funkin’ dancey!

♫ Florence And The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Star Guitar Remix) / Belgium duo, Star Guitar is on a remix rampage, recently releasing an 11 track remix collection on French record label, Paranoiak.

♫ Felix Cartal – Love (Clockwork Remix) / This one’s a banger! Clockwork put this gem together for Felix Cartals’ remix contest. We’ll be dipped in shit and rolled in bread crumbs if he didn’t win with this beast! Well done, Clockwork.

♫ Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream (RAC Mix) / Just when we thought DJ’s and producers alike were all finished cutting up Walking On A Dream, we stumbled upon this gem from RAC. Never disappointing and always outdoing himself RAC delivers yet another stellar remix. Enjoy!

♫ Lykke Li – Breaking It Up (Punks Jump Up Remix) / An oldie but goodie! The Punks Jump Up Remix of Breaking It Up has been in our archives for far too long and it would just be selfish to not share it with our radical readers!

♫ Mark Ronson – Somebody To Love Me (Holy Ghost remix) / “Brooklyn we go hard, we go hard” Holy Ghost does justice to Mark Ronson’s Somebody To Love. If you don’t know, get to know, Mark Ronson and Holy Ghost.

If you missed last weeks Dubstep Roudup Vol. 4 catch it here.

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