HOUSEHOLD NAMES have a perfect jam for DRIVING TO and LA is a good place to do it

we got faced out in silverlake and i almost lost my shirt

♫ Household Names – Driving To LA

When it’s blue-skied and sunny like today I can’t help but think of my hometown and it’s sun-kissed streets and beautiful people. Household Names have a pretty solid anthem for me to sing along to as I dream of sand between my toes and palm trees overhead. “Driving To LA” is pretty polished and poppy and I see no reason why it shouldn’t become a mild radio hit. Seems perfect for cranking up on those summer days stuck in beach-traffic and singing along to the lyrics about poverty, boozing and love in the city of angles. These guys are from Austin, TX and have apparently been around for over 10 years. I’ve never heard of them before now and haven’t yet heard Stories, No Names, the 2010 album that opens with “Driving To LA” but so far this is my jam.

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