KARL BLAU makes music for a drive in the DARK of morning. A SEDAN will do.


i’m digging up the past and revealing some old crow bones

♫ Karl Blau – Dark Sedan

I figure that after that Remix Roundup you guys could use a moment to catch your breath. Karl Blau’s “Dark Sedan” is perfect for that. It’s bouncy rhythm and sparse trumpets pack just enough pep to keep me interested, while Karl’s voice lulls any dancing urge right out of me. It’s a great song for driving alone on a foggy morning. Karl Blau has been making music from his home base in Washington state for a bit now but this is the first track I have heard. The album art scares the shit out of me and seems totally incongruous to the music but oh well. I definitely wouldn’t get into any color sedan with that hooded Zebra freak.

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