[LP] Arpline – TRAVEL BOOK (w/ “Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper” & “Amplify”)

it gets on top of you

♫ Arpline – Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper

Brooklyn’s Arpline is one of those bands that I heard about when some friends of mine directed the video for “Fold Up” a couple years back. However, in my infinite wisdom I didn’t get into the song back then. Fast forward to their debut album and I am feeling the whole thing, “Fold Up” included. The whole thing bristles with palpable energy and the propulsive guitars and drums are perfect driving summer music.

♫ Arpline – Amplify

Their LP Travel Book is out now and available for pay-what-you-want at Bandcamp. Wildly generous pricing aside, the whole album is solid indie rock, churning and dynamic as it builds guitar on drums. “Amplify” is a great example of Arpline’s ability to reign in the speed of “Fold Up” to create a bit of slow burn goodness. The rest of Travel Book is definitely recommended but don’t take my word, stream the whole thing below (“Make it Rain” & “Rope” are other favorites) and then download the whole bad boy once you realize it’s all gold.


Crank the amp at Bandcamp