[LP] BEAR HANDS finally understad that it’s HIGH time that SOCIETY got an album from them

and i said no no no, i’m engaged to be alone

♫ Bear Hands – High Society

Bear Hands have been foating around the blogosphere for a few years now, even gracing our ears some 9 months ago. Early hit “What A Drag” seemed to imply a band content with goofball indie-pop but dig into their debut LP, Burning Bush Supper Club, and it’s immediately clear that they are operating a little left of center. Why they waited so long to drop an LP is a mystery but it sure paid off. While so many overhyped bands seem to rush a debut that ends up falling flat, these guys are clearly crafting their own sound and doing it on their own terms.

While jams like “Belongings,” “Blood and Treasure” and (my favorite) “High Society) are easily lovable indie jams that are designed for maximum bounce, other tracks take things down a notch. Current single “Crime Pays” is a perfect example of what kind of addictive mellowness Bear Hands deals with. Catch the great video below for further proof that these guys aren’t your average buzzband. Unfortunately Bear Hands loose some of my attention on some of their more laid back tracks. If the whole album was “High Society” level bass work and bouncy exuberance then I’d be head over heels for these guys. However, it’s still a solid album that definitely reveals more charm with each spin.

For more on Bear Hands’ backstory, including their collegiate ties to MGMT and Das Racist, catch this worthwhile review. The last sentence is spot on.

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  1. mewtmath91
    mewtmath91 says:

    I have no idea why they are so hard to trace on the web as much as they are, I think they’re great, certainly better in comparison to a lot of newer bands nowadays, check out: Sickly brunette, Golden, what drag, crime, high society, wicksey boxing, blood and treasure, and one of my personal favorites not mentioned often, tablasaurus. I hope they don’t wait too long to release more stuff, and when they do, they get the praise and acclaim they deserve.

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