[LP] CEE-LO GREEN is NO ONE’S bitch and he’s GONNA LOVE YOU if he wants

and anything to make you smile, it’s a better side of you to admire

♫ Cee Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You (Produced By Paul Epworth)

After the beautiful “Georgia” I was highly anticipating Cee-Lo’s The Lady Killer but then “Fuck You” came along and internet fervor aside, just didn’t grab me as a song. I was worried. Turns out that I had fair reason to be as The Lady Killer doesn’t live up to what we might expect from this vocal legend. It’s certainly a pleasant listen, easily described with that back-handed compliment “nice.” It’s all super slick and inoffensive production and sure, the album is still slowly growing on me, but none of the songs reach out and demand repeat listens. Well, none except for his cover of Band Of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You.” It’s been around since before “Fuck You” blew up and it really deserves all the attention that the expletive laden single got. On an album that sometimes seems more like a showcase for the revolving cast of producers, the brilliant work of Paul Epworth meshes perfectly with Green’s silky heartache. The song is both incredibly moving and infectious, a beautifully dangerous combination in these wintery and introspective times.

Two other tracks I have been digging more and more are “I Want You” and “Fool For You,” each one standing out a bit from the pack. Another recent worthwhile Cee-Lo jam is his contribution to the latest Twilight soundtrack, the rollin’ and bouncin’ whistle-fest “What Part of Forever.”

♫ Cee-Lo Green – What Part of Forever (non-album track)

So I still love me some Cee-Lo but I was hoping for more from The Lady Killer. Oh well, a few stellar tracks is never something to scoff at.

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