[LP] Gamble & Burke – THE COLD LOVE MIXTAPE (w/ “Time For Love” & “Driven Girl”)

where she goes i go along, as the road turns on my shoulder she leans

♫ Gamble & Burke – Time for Love

  • Who: Kaz Gamble & Daniel Burke
  • What: Rocking funk disco, like Capital Cities, Cherub, Rick James.
  • Where: Boston, Mass + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Cold Love Mixtape is out now and free!
  • Why: If you rearrange the letters in “Gamble & Burke” you get “Hearth-side seduction with dirty martinis and Reebok Pumps.” It’s dance floor music for making love. Or making love music for the dance floor. Or walking music. Thats generally what I’ve been using it for. Previous jams like modern classic “Isolated With You” and “Lay Low” are fleshed out by some hot stuff like album opener “Time For Love.” Every track is a skin-tight concoction of bouncy grooves and dimmer-light vocals that turns any sidewalk into that Big piano. For extended dance routines see “Let’s Go Together (Baltic Chill Remix),” and their cover of “It Must Be Love.” Also, all the usually annoying interstitial movie bits are really well done. Could be cause they are from classics like Groundhog Day, From Russia With Love, etc.

♫ Gamble & Burke – Driven Girl

I have to admit I’ve been selfish. The Cold War Mixtape has been putting pep in my step for over 2 months but it just got lost in the SXSW shuffle and I am way overdue in posting. It’s criminal really, Gamble & Burke have treated us too right for me to treat them so wrong. Help them forgive me by making beautiful babies to this album and then naming them Gamble & Burke. 1st names please. Pairs only.

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