GAMBLE & BURKE want you to be ISOLATED WITH your lover and doing YOU know what

outstanding, understand me, it’s exactly where i really want to be

♫ Gamble & Burke -Isolated (With You)

I get a crap load of dudes trying to weasel their electro-turds onto TBE with a polite email and a claim to be “a big fan of your blog!” Well, Kaz Gamble came double-correct when he introduced his Boston based Gamble & Burke to me a few weeks ago. His two sentence email was short and to the point but most memorably it opened with a greeting in Polish (TBE is based in Poland). The dude did his research and added that little but of extra care. Oh, and he also attached the fantastic “Isolated” which certainly helped. If you are wondering why Gamble & Burke have slapped their names over a photo of Eddie Murphy and Rick James then you are not listening to the song, and you definitely aren’t watching the video. Do both. And then play this for your special someone.

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