XUMAN beings need less PANIC and more crazy bass action

just try to keep it inside your brain

♫ Xuman – Panic

Ahhh, the sweetness of it all. Not only does Xuman hail from relative musical backwoods of Moscow, but the dude behind this fresh jam has more in his pocket! I always love it I go to the MySpace of an artist I am writing about and find that they did not just stumble on their music but seem to actually know what they are doing. To quote Xuman’s MySpace:

Xuman makes rock-electronic songs, which are good both for party and for beautiful evenings with girlfriend.

It’s not that often that an artists sums up his vibe so succinctly. Imperfect English aside, I am gonna let that stand as pretty much exactly what I would say about the guy behind one of the sickest bass breakdowns in recent memory. Do it! “Panic” on the dancefloor tomorrow night!

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