[LP] Hooded Fang – ALBUM (w/ “Straight Up The Dial” & “Sleep Song”)

not looking for sympathy, just need some tenderness

♫ Hooded Fang – Straight Up The Dial

Bonus points if you noticed that this Hooded Fang album is not the one I dropped some tracks off of a few months back (and on the summer mega mix!). Album is the Toronto band’s debut LP from 2010 that I tracked down with a hunch that it would be good. High five for hunches because this thing is stellar! Lightly roasted marshmallow-y folk pop that sticks to your ears and leaves you wanting more. Plus there are horns! “Straight Up The Dial” bounces and shuffles with a perfect “do do do do do do” refrain that gets me grooving every time. Album‘s next track, “Laughing,” turns the energy up a bit as drums and bass propel the song along with great boy/girl vocals. However, the goodness doesn’t even begin to slow there as the hat-trick of “Green River,” “Highway Steam,” and “Promise Land” offer up enough varied tempos and grooves to make me think that Generationals added some more members and hot-boxed the studio. Awesome!

♫ Hooded Fang – Sleep Song

And then there is “Sleep Song.” Ahh, yes. Doesn’t make me want to sleep so much as skip along the beach with a radiant girl/sunset combo. To me, this is the sound of falling in love. With a person or a band, whatever, I’m smitten.

Don’t think that the tracks I haven’t mentioned are any less worthy, Album is magic from start to finish, I just didn’t want to blather too much. Although maybe I should! It seems that for some insane reason nobody is talking about these guys. Is there no justice in this world!? Whatever, I’m off to get their latest album, Tosta Mista.

Band links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp

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