[LP] HURTS mix BLOOD and TEARS & come up with GOLD

cause I could never be your lover i found another girl to mess me around

♫ Hurts – Blood, Tears & Gold

UK kings of stark melodrama, Hurts, initially underwhelmed me with their first 2 singles, “Wonderful Life” and “Better Than Love” so I didn’t exactly rush to grab their debut LP Happiness when it dropped in September. However, seeing that they were coming to Warsaw next year I got curious real quick and have since been quite surprised at how much I am enjoying this album. Sure it’s impeccably polished and dripping with a pre-meditated aesthetic but the tunes work for me and when you think of Hurts’ whole shtick as more performance art than hipster-cred project then it all works even more. It would be stupid to detract from Lady Gaga for being overly theatrical, no? Anyway, I don’t buy into the Hurts-bashing, especially so when I’ve got jams like “Blood, Tears, & Gold” stuck in my head all day. It’s hard to get more full of glimmering sorrow, yearning and drama than this. But wait! There’s “Stay” (below) the track that would be wearing it’s heart on it’s sleeve except that it’s already ripped it’s shirt off in a teary eyed and bended-knee confession of love! If listening to this track doesn’t make you a tad bit wistful for a love gone by then your heart is about as hard as Hurt’s overly-gelled hair. Tough times. Anyway, if you are at all on the fence about Hurts than I suggest you gingerly hop off and mope your way to Happiness, if at least for it’s serious solo singing in the mirror and/or break-up mixtape potential

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