[MP3] HUMANS can be enjoyed AVEC MES MECS, filles, or better yet, both!

who knew that all we had to do was party?

♫ Humans – Avec Mes Mecs

With an awesome piece of album art and a name we can all relate to, Humans are already off to a solid start. Try exfoliating with their blend of compressed synths, chilled vocals, pulsing beats, and mounting grooves, and you’ll instantly scrub away all the residue of a winter’s day. “Avec Mes Mecs” (French for ‘with my guys’) is the title track for The Vancouver duo’s debut EP and the jam starts like a summer smoothie of good vibes and handclaps only to reveal that the booze had settled to the bottom and the party actually kicks off midway through. Speaking of parties! Human’s first video is for the super-funked out “Bike Home” (grab it free at their MySpace) and it features the best combo of puppets, sex, and police brutality I’ve see all year! Get on it, and then get on some Humans!

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