[LP] LA VIDA BOHEME rock socks whether they are singing BUEN SALVAJE or EL SENTIMENTO HA MUERTO

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♫ La Vida Boheme – Buen Salvaje

I have the luxury of having some of the best readers on the interwebs and it’s recommendations like this that confirms that 10 fold. A few weeks ago Veronica from Venezuela (!) tipped me off to a local indie band that is coming up on the scene over there and after falling in love with the blood quickening “Buen Salvaje” I demanded access to the full album. Language barrier be damned, this was some hot stuff! Luckily, their debut LP Nuestra, does not disappoint. My new favorite Venezuelans run the gamut from party starting jams like “Buen Salvaje” (above) and “Danz!” (epic video below) to more tender fare like “Flamingo.” They even nail ther electro side on the gritty ass-motivator “El Sentimento Ha Muerto.”

♫ La Vida Boheme – El Sentimiento Ha Muerto

Are you feeling that cowbell? I fuckin’ am! THE perfect (non-remix) way to get pumped for a Friday night! That great “Danz!” video make more sense when you take into account what Veronica told me:

Oh, btw VERY important fact about them: They throw PAINT at the crowd before every show!! Right before they start they have this ‘Ritual’ where they throw paint on themselves and the crowd. According to them it represents the blood of their instruments, that they ‘kill’ while they play. Its sounds kinda creepy but its actually very fun =) If you check out the video [“Danz!”, below] I put under you’ll see a little bit of the paint throwing im talking about.

Umm….. HELL YEAH! Put these guys at the top of my live show wish list! Did I mention that they are offering the WHOLE album for free!? What!? Yeah, that’s what I said! Their website is the home of the band as well as their own independent label All Of The Above and I am told you can downoad the album there. My sad lack of Spanish skills prevented me from figuring that one out so this link saved the day. Get on this, people. HIGHLY recommended!

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