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♫ M83 – OK Pal

This should probably just be a Quickie but how could I honestly fit a double-album review into 140 characters!?

Ok, we all love the crap out of “Midnight City” and many of it’s remixes but what about the rest of the double album of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming? Songs like “Wait” and “OK Pal” have floated about the blogosphere a bit but nothing has come even close to following up the lead single (not easy to be fair) so I was unsure what to expect when diving into this two-tiered cake of indulgence. Having never gotten into Saturdays = Youth (snooze…) I was obviously impressed by “Midnight City” and then intrigued by Anthony Gonzalez’s statement of this album being more grand epic. But I obviously couldn’t expect a whole double album of “midnight City” level epic-ness, could I? Obviously not.

But that’s OK. While I will never endorse a double album in this day and age of music overload I have had no problems listening to all 22 songs in a row. Many tracks are loose and unstructured which helps them pass by as perfect background music. A handful of ambient jams punctuated by bigger tracks like “OK Pal” and it’s big cheesy 80s amazingness. I also strongly recommend “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” as the best featuring vocals from a 4 year old hallucinogenic frog enthusiast girl. Awesome. If I owned Hurry Up, Were Dreaming in a physical form where its two parts were separate physical object I can’t say that I would always take the effort to put disc 2 in as it loses a lot of steam and the only standout is “OK Pal.” However, as the 2LP plays right through in my iTunes, I just carry on with whatever and let the music wash right over me.

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Right!? I stumbled accross it on another site and was like “Why is that not on TBE!?”

    So I made it happen. AND I just tweaked it so it doesn’t overlap with the footer bar! Hell yeah!

  2. Djtorytee
    Djtorytee says:

    tks for the review…these guys are #7 on the Billboards Dance/Electronic charts this week…i’m going to check out more of their stuff a.s.a.p.

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